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Dragon Ball Fighterz Open Beta Review (PS4)

This is the beta version for Dragon Ball Fighterz, available on PlayStation Store for download. The beta duration is pretty short, so download it as soon as possible.

This game is developed by Arc System Works and published by Bandai Namco. The beta feels pretty good to play, with smooth animations, controls, and good variety of playable characters.

The beta only allows access to online matches, which can be either Ranked Matches or Casual Matches. You may also play the Tutorial Mode to learn the basics of the fighting controls.

Basically, this game plays a bit like Marvel vs. Capcom games, where you must choose a team of three chracters and fight against your opponent's team choice of three characters. The match will be decided if either one side has all of the fighters knocked out. You can tag your backup character when fighting, to conserve his/her health as well as to bring pressure on your enemies.

The fighting controls is simple, as you have four attack buttons dedicated to…

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