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Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Review (PS4)


This is a third person shooter Resident Evil game, with episodic format like Resident Evil: Revelations. Like that game and Resident Evil 6, you are able to move while aiming and shooting, as well as dodge enemy attacks with a button.

The physical edition includes all campaign episodes, two additional DLC episodes, and Raid Mode. Trophy support is also included in this game, and you may also play the main game in either offline singleplayer mode or offline co-op mode, or Raid Mode in offline singleplayer mode or online co-op mode.


Claire Redfield and Barry Burton are back in this game.
This game takes place before the events of Resident Evil 6. Claire, Moira, and some other Terra Save members are kidnapped and brought into an unknown island. Claire, Moira and other Terra Save members must fight and escape the island. Barry, Moira's father also found the island and tried to find his daughter as well. Not only that, he encountered a mysterious girl named Natalia, wh…

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