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Toy Story 3: The Video Game Review (PS3)


This is a game based on Toy Story 3, where many of the story levels based on many scenes in Toy Story 3, with some one or two original levels. Not only this game has story levels where Woody and the gang recount their story events, this game has a game mode called Toy Box where you can freely explore the toy world, as well as building your community and completing missions. The PS3 version also includes Zurg as playable character in the Toy Box mode.


Play as Woody, Buzz, and Jessie in different story scenes.
This game's story is based on Toy Story 3, where Woody's gang recount their stories from various events in Toy Story films, such as the 'prison' riot in Toy Story 3 and Buzz's game sequence in Toy Story 2. There are no new characters introduced in this game as all of the characters are reused from the series. The storyline is pretty basic for a film tie-in game.


Play the story levels.
The game is basically a 3D platforming game, where yo…

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