Little Nightmares Review (PS4)

Explore the mysterious levels in the game.

This is a puzzle platformer and horror adventure game. You will play as Six, a little girl trapped in a mysterious location called The Maw. You must overcome different puzzles, as well as avoiding a number of creepy creatures throughout the levels. The story is incredibly vague, without much information about the plot. It encourages players to piece together on how the story is told, as well a their interpretations on Six as well as other characters.

The gameplay is simple. The level is designed with 2D perspective, but you can move freely around in an area, interact with objects, and climb obstacles. The game have puzzles that you must overcome, such as activating a switch and etc. However, you will also encounter antagonistic creatures in the game, where you must avoid them from capturing you in hide-and-seek sections. They are incredibly dangerous, and should be avoided as much as possible.

Tension and horror.

The graphics in this game is amazing. Well-designed levels, creatures, as well as good lighting system and well-realised atmosphere. No bugs and glitches encountered while playing the game so far, with the latest update installed. The soundtrack is decent, fitting with the game's horror atmosphere. There are no spoken lines in this game, other than grunts and sound effects.

The replay value in this game is rather low. There are also collectibles that you may collect in the game, such as hugging the adorable creatures called Nomes, light lanterns/candles, and breaking statues. You may also attempt to obtain all Trophies in this game as well, considering this is a short game.

Good game, but with flaws as well.

This game is good, but there are notable flaws in this game. First of all, the gameplay length is incredibly short. You can complete this game less than 2 hours if you are good with puzzle platformer games. Secondly, low replay value. The game's replay value is low, despite the presence of collectibles and Trophies.

However, the good gameplay controls, interesting story, variety of sections, and graphics are the major factors of this game being good, albeit not much compared to other plaformer games. It is also teased that this game will have a DLC, which may help to increase the game's longevity. I highly recommend to players to only buy this game when it is cheap enough, due to the lack of content compared to other mainstream and even indie games.


Story: 9/10
Gameplay: 6/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 8/10

Final Score: 7.75/10 or 31/40

Pros and Cons


- Interesting and thought-provoking story.
- Good game controls.
- Clever hide-and-seek sections.
- Great graphics.
- Good soundtrack.


- Short completion time.
- Low replay value.
- Lack of content and unlockables.

**Images are from official PlayStation game page.

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