Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Review (PS3)


This is the sequel to Tekken Tag Tournament, which is non-canon to the main games. This game further enhances the Tag System with more new moves. This game also boasts over 50 playable characters.


Basically, this game has no storyline, as the game is non-canon to the main Tekken games. However, this game presents Heihachi in his younger years, as well as a minor plot involving Violet and Combot via the Fight Lab mode. This time, however, many of the characters in this game speak with their native languages, which is a really neat change.


Tag System is back.

The basic Tekken gameplay remains the same, with the Tag System that has more noticeable additions. This time, you can do Tag Throw, a combo throw move using your controlled character and your tag chararcter, as well as Tag Assault, a series of attacks that can be chained by tagging in your partner. In this game, you may play as solo or tag in matches if you wish.

This game has a good variety of gameplay modes, such as the classic Arcade, Versus, Team Battle, Practice, Time Attack, Versus, and Survival. All of these gameplay modes are also present in Tekken Tag Tournament. In this game, there are two new gameplay modes, which are Fight Lab and Ghost Battles.

Fight Lab is a mode where it allows you to control a robot character, and learn on how the game works. This basically acts like a tutorial mode, and it is recommended to play this mode to learn the basic controls in this game. It is also essentially acts a mini story mode, albeit non-canon. Ghost Battles was first used in Tekken 6, and it is a game mode where you fight random characters controlled by A.I.. Defeating them rewards you customisation items and money.

You may also customise your characters' apeparances with different customisation items, like glasses, clothes, and etc. This also allows you to make distinct looking characters when playing either offline or online modes.

Basic controls in this include the low punch, low kick, high punch, and high kick. You may also jump, sidestep, or run towards your enemies. You may also use grab attacks or powerful unblockable attacks to attack your enemies, as well as using other special moves. Tag System controls is similar to the first game, as you can tag in your partner to avoid losing.

Each playable character has their own move commands, which can be different for every chaarcter in this game. The objective of a match that you must win it by depleting your enemy's health bar to zero within the time limit. Depending on your matches' settings, you may need to win best out of two rounds to win a match. All of the playable characters in this game have previously appeared in previous Tekken games.

The overall gameplay is great, with good variety of playable characters and game modes. This is one of the robust Tekken games I have ever played. although sadly it does not have decent or strong story modes like Tekken 6's Scenario Campaign. Regardless, the gameplay is great.


Excellent graphics.

This is perhaps one of the best looking fighting games on PS3, with great looking character models and stages. No bugs and glitches encountered while playing this game, which is a plus.


Fitting voice acting and decent soundtrack.

The voice acting is good, with different voice actors voice their chaarcters with different languages, such as Lili speaks French. The soundtrack is decent, and you can use your own customised music playlist from your MP3 tracks, or buy the preset previous Tekken games' soundtracks and play them in this game.

Replay Value

Moderate to high replay value.

This game has moderate to high replay value. You can play the game and unlock every character endings by playing Ghost Battles or Arcade Mode, play other gameplay modes like Survival Mode, play online matches with online players, and etc. Although this game does not have a compelling beat-em-up mode like Tekken 6's Scenario Campaign, this game still has good replay value due to variety of game modes.


One of my personal favourite Tekken games.

Despite not having good story mode, this game still remains one of my favourite fighting games due to large variety of playable characters and gameplay modes. Unfortunately, the PS3 version does not have Tekken Ball, which was present in the Wii version of this game. This game is highly suitable for both new players as well as Tekken fans. Have fun playing this game online or offline, despite the game's issues.


Story: 6/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 10/10
Sound: 9/10

Final Score: 8.5/10.0 or 34/40

Pros and Cons


- Fun and satisfying gameplay.
- Large roster of playable characters.
- Good additions of new Tag moves.
- Good customisation options.
- Excellent graphics.
- No major bugs and glitches encountered.
- Fitting voice acting.
- Moderate to high replay value.


- No proper story campaign.
- No minigames like Tekken Bowl or Tekken Bowl.
- Occasional online matchmaking issues.

**Images are from Shacknews.

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