Tekken 6 Review (PS3)


Lars and Alisa are the protagonists in the story mode.

This game takes place after Tekken 5 events. This game's story primarily focuses on the Scenario Campaign, where Lars and Alisa are the main characters, with the existing characters such as Jin, Heihachi, and Kazuya as being the villains in the story. Lars is a Tekken Force soldier, who staged a rebellion against Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corporation. During one of his missions, he lost his memories, and encountered a mysterious cyborg called Alisa. Later, they will go on a journey to find out their origins.

The game's story is rather interesting, despite being simplistic. Lars and Alisa have decent character expositions, but other characters do not benefit from this unfortunately. Plus, not every character in Tekken 6 have decent scenes in the game's story.


Fight with a variety of characters.

The gameplay is similar to previous Tekken games. You have the same basic attack controls such as mid punch, high punch, left kick, right kick, guard, grab, and other moves. This game does not introduce many new fighting features, except for three. They are interactive stages, bound system, and Rage system. Interactive stages include destructible walls and floors, which may or may not impact your winning chances. Bound system is another new feature that allows you to juggle enemies further after knocking down into the ground. Rage system is feature that powers up your character's attacks when they have low health, giving you a chance of turning a match around.

The staple game modes are present in this game, such as Arcade, Practice, Survival, Time Attack, and Versus modes. There are several new game modes included in this game, which include Scenario Campaign and Online Mode. Scenario Campaign is basically an expanded version of Tekken Force and the story mode of the game. In this mode, you can play an adventure styled minigame with the Tekken fighting controls. You also need to clear different stages to advance the story, and each stage may host a boss character. You may also equip your controlled character with different equipment pieces to increase their stats. In Online Mode, you can play Ranked Matches or Player Matches with the online players.

Try out the customisation options for each character too.

The roster includes a lot of fan-favourites such as Heihachi, Jin, Kazuya, Eddy, and many more. This game also includes new characters such as Bob, Zafina, Lars and Alisa. Each character has their own fighting style, with their own movesets. Players should not have difficulties in getting their favourite characters to play as because each character is unique to each other.

The overall gameplay is solid, with solid Tekken gameplay foundation untouched in many games. While the game does not introduce many features, this game's gameplay is solid with wide roster of playable characters and addicting fighting system. The Scenario Campaign is a great feature that expands on Tekken Force, with more interesting take on progressing the story in a fighting game. Customisation options are plenty too, with great variety of attires and accessories for the Tekken characters to equip too. There are no real disadvantages of this game, other than the lack of innovation over the fighting system.


Great graphics.

This game has great graphics. One of the best looking fighting games on PS3. No bugs and glitches encountered while playing the game.


Appropriate soundtrack and voice acting.

This game has appropriate soundtrack, with some decent tracks included in the game. Unfortunately, the game's soundtrack is not as catchy as many other fighting games. The voice acting is good, with mix of English, Japanese, and other languages by different characters to fit their nationalities.

Replay Value

Moderate to high replay value.

Depending on how much you like Tekken games, this game's replay value range from moderate to high. You may play the Scenario Campaign with different characters and difficulty, play other offline game modes like Survival and Time Attack, play online matches with other online players, and etc.


A great entry to the Tekken series, but not perfect.

This is a great entry to the Tekken series, with good fighting system, amazing graphics, and plenty of game mode. However, the game's story can be disappointing as it did not highlight every single character in this game equally, which is bad. Not many innovations to the fighting system, and the soundtrack is still not as memorable as Tekken 3's soundtrack. However, the core of a fighting game is not the story, but the robust fighting system with great variety of characters. This should be the main appeal of a fighting game to players. Regardless, one of my favourite fighting games on PS3.


Story: 7/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 8/10

Final Score: 8.25/10 or 33/40

Pros and Cons


- Interesting story campaign.
- A great roster of varied playable characters.
- Interesting character designs.
- Many good and humorous Arcade character endings.
- Great fighting system.
- Great graphics.
- No bugs and glitches.
- Optional online mode.
- Decent voice acting and soundtrack.


- Story feels too simplistic.
- Occasional online matchmaking issues.
- Lack of innovation in the fighting system, except for three features.
- Soundtrack is not as memorable as Tekken 3's soundtrack.

**Images are from Shacknews.

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