Tekken 7 Review (PS4)


This is the seventh main Tekken game in the series. This game now uses Unreal Engine 4 instead of their proprietary engine, like Street Fighter V. Despite using different game ending, the game controls is largely similar to previous Tekken games, other than altered button inputs for certain moves for different characters. Like recent Tekken games, this game supports both offline and online modes. The PS4 version has the Tekken Jukebox feature, which allows you to make your own customised soundtrack using previous games' Tekken soundtracks.


The conclusion of Heihachi and Kazuya's feud.

The story mode in this game called The Mishima Saga, as it focuses the feud between Heihachi and Kazuya. Not only that, the game's story mode explains certain mysteries in Tekken series as to why Heihachi is so hellbent on killing Kazuya. It also concludes the feud between Heihachi and Kazuya. The story mode also explains Heihachi's mysterious wife and the mother of Kazuya secrets,  Kazumi Mishima.

While the story has some interesting plot points, the overall story is poorly structured and too short. One of the main reasons the story is not memorable is the inclusion of Akuma. The inclusion of Akuma to Tekken's universe is unnecessary, other than fanservice. Kazumi's background story is not explored fully in this game, which is disappointing. Many other characters are not highlighted much in the story as well, which includes Jin, Lars, Alisa, Nina, and many other characters. Also, the narrator has weak voice narration, with boring tone and unmemorable appearance.

However, the story mode does show a different light on the feud of Heihachi and Kazuya, and it also shows more sympathetic light on Heihachi. Unfortunately, the story mode is not fully fleshed out to make it more memorable.


Use the new Rage Art and Rage Drive moves to defeat your opponents.

The gameplay system remains similar to previous Tekken games. You can use right punch, left punch, right kick, and left kick attacks. You can also do sidestep, jump, sprint, and grab opponents. The main addition to the fighting system is the revamped Rage system.

In this game, you can use either Rage Arts or Rage Drive on opponents when you have low health. Doing this allows you to turn the tides of a round easily. However, they are no foolproof as they can be blocked by opponents. Rage Arts is a powerful series of attacks if you hit an opponent with the starting attack. Rage Drive is a powerful combo finisher which can be faster to activate compared to Rage Arts.

This game also introduces a number of new playable characters, with unique fighting styles. Some of them include the Kazumi, Master Raven, Lucky Chloe, Josie, Shaheen, and others. Eliza is also another playable character, who made her debut in Tekken Revolution previously. Many other characters also return in this game, such as Heihachi, Law, Kazuya, Nina, and many more.

The game's modes include the Story Mode: Mishima Saga, Arcade Mode, Versus Mode, Treasure Battle Mode, Practice Mode, Online Mode, Customisation Mode, Jukebox Mode, and Gallery Mode. The Story Mode: Mishima Saga is a rather linear story progression, as you only need to fight a series of matches with different conditions to progress the story. You may also choose other difficulties if you have difficulties in clearing it. You may also complete the Character Episodes to obtain other non-important story characters' endings. Treasure Battle Mode is the same as the Ghost Battle in previous Tekken games, where you can get Fight Money and obtain customisation items by winning matches in the game. Other modes are self explanatory.

The gameplay is great, but unfortunately this game lacks more playable modes compared to previous Tekken games, which are missing the staple modes like Survival, Time Attack, and Team Battle modes. The story mode is also poorly structured, and it is not as interesting as Tekken 6's Scenario Campaign. This game also has online issues, where players may have difficulties playing with each other online. Regardless, this game has great gameplay, and it still serves a good game for both offline and offline players due to the decent amount of game modes included.


Excellent graphics.

This game has excellent graphics.  Great looking character models, stages, and cutscenes. However, I slightly prefer Tekken Tag Tournament 2's graphics over this game, especially the character models. No bugs and glitches encountered while playing the game so far.


Good voice acting and decent soundtrack. Great selection of older Tekken tunes.

The game has good voice acting, other than one or two weak spots. The reporter's voice actor has the weakest voice performance in the game, with bored and unenthusiastic tone, which is poorly cast as the narrator of the story mode. The soundtrack is decent, although there may be too many dubstep tracks in the game. However, you can create your own customised soundtrack with older Tekken tunes using the Tekken Jukebox feature on PS4

Replay Value

Low to moderate replay value, at the moment.

Currently, this game has low to moderate replay value for non-fighting fans. You can play the game's story mode with harder difficulties, Treasure Battle, or online matches. This game does not have much content compared to previous Tekken games, and currently missing two staple game modes that are present in older Tekken games, which are Survival Mode and Time Attack modes.


 A solid game, but not without issues.

So far, this game has the best fighting system over other Tekken systems, with the improvement over the Rage System. It also has great graphics, and good selection of unique playable characters. Unfortunately, this game still has issues and far from complete in terms of amount of game modes, compared to previous Tekken games. I do highly suggest getting the Deluxe Edition of the game as it includes a Season Pass that allows you to redeem future downloadable content. Great game, but incomplete package at the moment.


Story: 6/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 10/10
Sound: 8/10

Final Score: 8.25/10 or 33/40

Pros and Cons


- Accessible to both new and returning fighting players.
- Great variety of playable characters.
- Good changes on the Rage system.
- Addicting and deep fighting system.
- Great graphics.
- No bugs and glitches.
- Has Jukebox feature.
- Good voice acting.


- Poorly structured story mode.
- Short and poorly done Arcade Mode.
- Terrible story mode narrator voiceovers.
- Online matchmaking issues.
- Lack of previous Tekken games' staple modes.
- Low to moderate replay value.

**Images are from RiotPixels and Fighters Generation.

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